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Stuck key on Toshiba laptop

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Hi all,

I just received a call from someone who asked if I work on laptops. Since 99% of my calls are software/security related, I hastily answered yes.

Unfortunately, it's not a software issue. The problem at hand is a Toshiba laptop, not under warranty. The Windows (Start Menu) key on the keyboard is stuck. They already removed all keys and cleaned, yet the problem persists and they called me to take a look.

I guess my question is - uhhhh - what to do or look for? I'd prefer not to open it up (as I've never opened a laptop - don't laugh please).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Most laptop keyboards come out fairly easily.

Go to the Toshiba web site and see if you can find any info on pulling the keyboard.

As far as replacements, sometimes you can find replacements on ebay for as little as $15.

If someone really needs the machine and can use it in a stationary mode, pull the keyboard cable and use an external keyboard until you get a replacement.

Thanks JamesO. I'm there right now looking for info. I'm a little intimidated when it comes to digging around in laptops. Should I be?

I wish I had a cheapo to experiment with.

Thanks again,
What model machine are you working on?

My Satellite PRO 6100 has a small plastic cover above the Function keys that pops out to allow access to a few phillips head screws.

Most laptop keyboards release from the top somehow.

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