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My sister's laptop is having problems with either Windows or its Hard Disk. We don't know yet but I'm betting on Hard Disk.
The hard drive has two partitions, one for the OS (C) and one for the files (D).
The laptop started slowing down out of the blue. We didn't install anything that before that caused problems. It slowed down especially when we open "My Computer" and my sister had luck on opening it, and she saw Drive D indicating "0 GB free out of 0 GB".
We consulted a person that my cousin knows but I don't really trust him because he's still a College Student, (I'm from the Philippines BTW, that's why College students are a lot younger than those from US because K12 hasn't been implemented yet). He suggested to reformat and do a clean install of Windows and although I'm refusing, my sister wanted to do what he suggested. So, in the end, he did a clean install of Windows but in the process, he said it stopped but I saw that the installation process is already formatting D. Btw, we agreed to install the OS to D because it says 0 GB so we wanted to recover C because it also has some of our files. And when it stopped, we decided to not continue it.
We didn't open the laptop for a few days because we are looking for someone who can repair it. My sister insisted on opening it then, when we opened it, it booted up normally but we saw a "Windows is loading files" screen and we came up with startup repair which lasted for about 3 hours saying it is repairing disk errors and afterwards, it run smoothly. the next day, we opened it and it and we still enxountered the "Windows is loading files" but not startup repair and this time, it is stuck in a black screen with a mouse pointer responding, btw, there is no HD activity when it is in the black screen. And every time we open it, we just encounter that scenario (the last one).
Also, we lost the recovery discs that came with the laptop and if possible, we want to recover all the files we stored.

These are the specs of the laptop:
Asus K40IJ Series
Intel Pentium T4400 GHz
320 GB HDD
Windows Home Premium 64-bit
*My cousin's friend was installing Windows Ultimate 32-bit

I hope you could help me. Thanks.

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Start by testing the hard drive with the drive maker's own "diagnostic software for DOS" which is downloaded as an ISO file from which you must make a bootable CD using a free utility such as IMGBurn from here: Download ImgBurn -

The hard drive diagnostic software links are here for the various drive manufacturers:
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

When you've made the CD, boot your faulty laptop from it to run the drive test.
It will tell you if the drive has failed.
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