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Stubborn players - HELP!

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yesterday i dl'd the newest version of win med player - series 9 candidate b/c i thought it would help the problem of .asf files not wanting to run... but it didn't... in all the previous versions of wmp that i had, none of them would play .asf files EVEN THOUGH there was a check mark next to the file type in the options menu...
i even tried to open it up w/ quicktime and real player but none of them worked... :confused:
can someone please help me and tell me what i have to do?
do i need a codec? if so, where do i get it? i even tried to see if i can find something on the divx site but nothing - it had .avi help only!
this is very frustrating b/c i have LOTS of .asf files that i can't find in other formats and i need to see them. :upset:
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come on people! i'm alsmost POSITIVE that at least ONE person on this board plays .asf files!!
Take a look here you might find something.
Never heard of a asf file. Hold on, is that a Mac sound?

I never tried it. Post a few sounds and let us try them. Are you using WinAmp? I believe I have a .spc plugin for it (plays Super Nintendo music!). I need to put it back in.
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