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Siemens Speedstream 4200 Modem, up-to-date firmware(from what I could find).
Linksys WRT54GS, also up-to-date firmware.
A Realtek Ethernet network adapter, with up-to-date drivers.

Here's the issue: I've been playing World of Warcraft for a few years, from several locations(I move a lot). I've been living in the Dominican Republic for a couple of years now, and just a few months ago I started experiencing insane lag when playing World of Warcraft only. The strange thing is... the lag lasts through a very specific timeframe and is only on weekdays.

The lag starts every morning at 11:00 AM on the dot, at which point my latency will move from 90-100ms to about 1,000-2,000, making the game completely unplayable. Every night at exactly 11:00 PM, the lag will stop. So, for example, I can be at 3,000ms at 10:58PM, disconnect at 10:59PM, do a DHCP release/renew, log back in at 11:00PM, and the game will be at an insanely low latency(60-70) until it evens out to what it normally is(about 90-120).

I've tried pretty much everything. I was on a DMZ, so I took that off right away from both the modem and the router, I forwarded the ports that needed to be forwarded, I updated everything that needed to be updated. I checked my firewall for attacks, intrusions, or anything. I did a virus/spyware scan. Pretty much everything you can think of.

I have, of course, contacted both Blizzard and my ISP(Codetel) about the issue. My ISP is utterly useless, as you would expect from a third world country, and Blizzard was equally useless, as you would expect from...well, Blizzard.

They had me do a traceroute, which I happily posted, and confirmed what I already knew: that the tracert would show no issues. I did do the tracert during the day, which is when I lag.

With nowhere else to turn, I hold the hope that Tech Support Forum will be able to provide me with a clue at least, as to what I can try next. Note that this is only with World of Warcraft, making it even stranger. World of Warcraft will sometimes lag by itself, and I can still hear people and they can hear me on Ventrilo, and sometimes World of Warcraft will just obliterate my connection and cause Ventrilo to lag, my browser, everything.

My computer's past the specs of World of Warcraft; it's enough to play Conan with High settings, so it's not graphic lag.
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