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Specs that matter:
Ryzen 9 5900x
FE 3080ti
Audio Input: AT2020USB+ by Audio Technica
Audio Output: Schiit Fulla 3 DAC connected via USB
Headphones: Byerdynamic DT 990 250OHM

I also have Sonarworks Reference 4 and HideVolumeOSD installed. Sonarworks balances the mix of my headphones, and HideVolumeOSD hides the Windows 10 desktop overlay for media being played.

Attached are screencaps of the issues that I'm experiencing. These bugs have only been happening with Spotify and VLC. Any media played via browser does not seem to be affected by these issues. Occasionally these issues are fixed when new drivers are available for my graphics card. I've tried to change the VLC Video Codec with no luck, and it's strange that this is happening across these applications. I've also installed updates for VLC and reinstalled Spotify multiple times with no change.

Screen Caps:

In VLC, I can open a video and let it play in the background, but when I make the VLC window active it glitches. It seems that VLC wants to start the video repeatedly to no avail.

In Spotify, I can play and pause music, but I cannot select other tracks as highlighted in the video above. The VLC error described above also happens sometimes, although it is not easily duplicated.

I'm continuing to scratch my head at these issues, and I have a feeling it has nothing to do with my hardware. Quite possibly a driver or some windows 10 related issue.

Please advise on what could be wrong.
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