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Hey, i have the strangest problem,
my old HD (Maxtor 80G) was making strange sounds, and the i sow that the pc start working slow when i copy/open large files.
It's an old HD (about 5 years) so i thought to buy a new one and "ghost" all the info.I bought WD (80G),and during the "copy disk to disk" process , i heard the strange sounds again , but this time from my new HD!
I was sure ,that they gave me in the store a bad HD , so I get back and replaced it to a new one , this time i noticed that the HD came out from closed box , so I'm sure it is new.
I repeated the "disk to disk" copy process and it happened again - new HD making strange noises.
I canceled the process , disconnected the old HD , and left only the new HD and the cdrom connected , then i began installing windows xp , and during the installation ,it began making strange sounds again!!!!!
I canceled the installation , get back to the store and replaced the HD again ,this time to Maxtor 120G.
Yesterday i installed windows xp, and everything was ok -no strange sounds, but today , during my work on the pc , the strange sounds began again!
I really don't know what to do , this is the first time , i have a pc problem , and have no idea how to fix it, it seems to be the problem is with the pc , not the HD, but where , and how can I fix it?

The owner of the store where i bought the HD , called yesterday , and told me that the two HD's which i returned - are working fine.

hope someone will help ,
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