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Strange red Tinge.........

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Im pretty sure this problem is something to do with the hardware but hopefully its the driver's....

My monitor is always displaying a much more red display than is necessary and I dont know how to change it. Sometimes it goes extra red and sometimes I can control it with my mouse when I wiggle it round, but all the time its tooo red.

Driver? Hardware?

I would really appreciate some answers.

ps My hardware is really old, like mid 90's...
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RU really asking (am I really asking that)? You should try another monitor, you will get your answer. But if your hardware is really 12 yo (that made 60 in dog year and 120 in computer year), you should try a new pc. Their doing good stuff in the 21 CENTURY.
yeah no **** Kataclysm....

The only prob is the monitors like brand new.

I have a Cirrus Logic display adapter thats old... im hoping thats the problem.

Monitor: Digital 15 (FR-PCX-BV)
Display adapter: Cirrus logic 5430/40 PCI
See if you can borrow a video card to try out, That one is a wee bit outdated.....................:winkgrin:
chances are if the monitor is new ...then the video card is the place to start....worth the money any can probley find a ATI 7200 or 7500 for under $50...if you want to play games then invest in a decent card anyway...ATI 8500 is a great cheap card around $90 or go for broke and grab the 9500 -$200+

NO I dont resell ATI incase you were wondering....they have made some decnt cards recently
Yeah I geuss thats the problem...

and i think its about time i splashed out....


Terminal Velocity play's great though???

hahaha time warp:brush:
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