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Strange Network problem

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Hello Everybody!

I have a strange problem. I bought new motherboard ASUS A7V600-X and LAN does not work properly. My PC is connected to small home network with a several PCs and Server. I have a problem with download speed. I chosen a big file (over 150 MB) from Server and i started some tests to find what's wrong.
When I started to download this file to my PC from Server, my Win-XP displayed a message with estimated time of downloading - 30 Minutes. Meanwhile I saw that my 3Com 10/100 Hub (at my desk) shows "Network Utilization" level of 2-3%... little slow. After 10 minuters i cancelled the operation.
I started to download the same file from the same Server using my Notebook connected to the same 3Com HUB. The file was on my Laptop after 30 secs...
I thought that LAN adapter on my PC is down, but I think it's not. Why? I started to download the same file fom my Notebook to PC and the transfer speed was good. I downloaded it to PC form Notebook within 30-35 sec. So i guess that PC LAN controller is OK.
As a last test I started to upload the same file (I renamed the file) from my PC to the same folder at Server. Upload was finished after 40 secs........

Download from Server to PC - sucks
Download form Server to Notebook - Excellent
Download from Notebook to PC - Excellent
Upload from PC to Server - Excellent

Can anybody tell me what is wrong? :4-dontkno



Sorry for language. I'm from Europe and I'm not good in English.
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I'd start with the basics, change the connections and cables that are being used. Pick a different port on the hub for each device and see if that affects the results. I'd also consider replacing the hub with a switch, just to see if it's a hardware issue with the hub.
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