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Strange keyboard problem

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"hello, I am7 having troub5le with m7y keyb5oard,8 even as of now when i am7 typing this thread. "
as you can see above thats what i am getting all the time when im typing
Is there anyway to fix this.?
Also when i hit "return" it highlights the url and then i type in the address instead of here.
plz help
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did you recently spill something on it? If not probably just worn and faulty

Keyboards are cheap just pick up a new one...I love the old school almost typewritter style big click sounding ones and have a stockpile of these old ones for when they break down or i spill stuff on them lol

I cant stand the new smoothe sleek style ones and refuse to use them haha

EDIT: it almost sounds like keys are sticking and miss firing...alot of times if you spill stuff on them they do that you'll hit say T key and itll strike 5 or 6...
alrite ill try to clean it
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