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Strange irregular 1 second freezes

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So here's the problem - I recently built a new rig, and I've been having an absolute BLAST with it! Two days ago I resubbed to WoW, and I've been experiencing an occasional and very irregular "freeze" that lasts 1 second. I've only ever had it occur when an action was being performed, as if it was "loading.

For example - First stutter happened when I was clicking on a player. it froze as if to "load" them. Second time it happened, I was fighting a scorpion, and it froze as if to "load" the poison spell he cast on me. Third time, I was looting a mob, and it "froze" as if to read the loot. Fourth time again, it froze as if to read the loot.

I've run performance monitor and process explorer and monitored disk cpu ram and pagefile usage, and none of these spike during the stutters.

System specs are as follows

Gigabyte ga-ma790GPT-ud3h running F4G bios and updated to the latest chipset, NIC, and sound drivers.

AMD Phenom II x6 1055T @ 2.8ghz with a 1.3vcore

Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X edition running on Catalyst 10.5 (the issue is still around in 10.6) on stock clocks

4gb of DDR3 1333mhz Kingston RAM

The possible culprit (though i doubt it snice there is no HDD usage spikes), a Western Digital 500gb Caviar Green (runs at 5400rpm, but I have no issues like this in any other games).

I've updated my NIC, soundcard, and chipset drivers to the recent.
What I originally thought the culprit was, was that I copied the game over from my last rig, and I figured that it either fragmented or was corrupted. I ran the sysinternals contig and defragged the WoW folder. 23 files were fragmented, but the issue persisted afterward. I also tried running the WoW repair, which I'm not sure whether or not it worked.

DXDIAG is here​mfX49PyE
Hijackthis log is here​Mvw165uP

Application Wow.exe locked the primary surface 2 time(s)

This is present for each freeze.
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