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Hi, i have a strange problem when installing xp on my 2 80gig sata drives raid 0.
If i try to install on the 1st portion of my hard drive i.e. the 1st partition o0r just the drive as 1 partition windows will not load the setup files and i get one of 2 things:
Un mountable boot volume ......or: setup cannot load vga.sys please make sure the setup cd is in the drive and try again to skip the file etc. etc.(if i skip the file it goes onto the next file and the next)

This isnt a great problem as my workaround is that i make a 3 gig partition 1st and then another 1 2nd and install xp on the 2nd, it then installs fine with no problems.

Bit weird though so id like to know if any1 else has had same probs or can help me.

here are my specs:
Asus A8V deluxe rev 2
2*512 corsair xms 3200 cpt ram(ddr 400)
gf4 ti 4200
2* maxtor sata 80 gig 8m cache drives
asus dvd burner
audigy sound


also, if any1 can give me advice on my bios settings i would greatly appreciate it, as this board seems to have alot more memory settings than others, i dont want to overclock i just want everything tight and stable
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