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Strange high pitched noise from new build

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I just but together a new build.

Once the power come on I'm getting a high frequency

I haven't tested all the connections yet. But I wondered if
the likely source of the noise would come from the board--
a clock oscillator or other component or the fan in the
power supply or the case fan?

I'm hoping that unplugging the simple case fan will cut the noise.

In quiet running systems, what rpm do the fans turn to
avoid these annoyances? If I do have to change the
power supply what is your recommendation(s)?

Nix on the PC Power and Cooling. Those are too expensive. ;-)

What I have now is an older (but fresh) Enlight case
with 300 watt PS, Celeron D 2.93 mHz, Ultra 512 3200
DDR and a cpu fan from MassCool. The CPU fan seems
smoothe and quiet.
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Unless the clock is somehow being picked up by a case speaker I do not think you could hear the clock crystal oscillating.

Is this tone always present or just for a short period after you boot?
one thing you can do is to open up the case and listen where the noise is coming from.
It's constant. I figure I can unplug the power supply fan and
the case fan separately to see of the the rpm of the
fans is doing it.
the board isn't mounted yet... everything is open.
A friend and I both were trying to get up close and
hear where it was coming from but it's vague.

One thing is known: when the power is turned off it stops.
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