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Strange Hardware Failure

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I am a fairly experienced computer user, my hardware profile is as follows:

P4C 800-E Asus Motherboard
Antec Truepower 2.0 Power supply
Intel P4 3.2 ghz processor
ATI x800 video card
Creative X-fi
2 gb RAM
various hard drives
custom case

This afternoon I was hanging around listening to music off my PC when suddenly the music turned into a high pitched whine and my mouse & keyboard stopped responding. I manually turned off the computer & attempted to reboot. When I powered up I was not getting a signal to my monitor & could not get a display up. I checked the monitor connection to my computer & it appeared to be fine, I unplugged & replugged to be sure and again attempted to power up my system. I still was not getting a signal; my next thought was to check the video card so I rebooted with the case open & the video card's fan was running and lights were on. I was pretty puzzled about this, I tried unplugging and re-plugging my video card into its pci slot to no avail. I left my house to get some dinner & watch the playoff games then came back to try again, this time my computer would not even power-up!

Does anyone have clue what may be causing this seemingly out of the blue problem?
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Overheating could be the main factor, or possibly your power supply. Have you installed any new hardware lately or made any system changes?
The only system changes I made recently were in relation to an ethernet network card while I was trying to get my system to communicate w/ my new macbook but I don't think that would cause this problem?

I had the same thought about my power supply, but the fact that the system booted without display twice makes me think there maybe something else? I was thinking something to do with the motherboard...I hope I'm wrong on that one obviously ;)
Something is probly shorting out. Check all ur IDE Cables. Unplug all of them includding ur floppy .
Then try looking around ur case for dust or enything
then check ur PSU
Check your graphics card is all correctly locked into place, and fixed tight into the pci slot. Make sure all ATX Power connectors are clicked in and all wires have no loose connections. What wattage does your psu give out, you have a nice power hungry system. Faulty cables, could be to blame, possibly twisted cables make have a cable break, this could have a loose connection and cause the screen to flicker on and off, sometimes work and sometimes not.
see if you can borrow a larger wattage power supply to try in it,everything running but no video usually points to a drop in power on the 12v+ line
I'll bet your PSU has given up.

its well seen now that the Antec SP-500 has been out on the street for awhile now that they suffered from a weak cooling system (fan)

not to mention the intall of the X800 but the Sp-500 out of its realm with the full load of your system spec. A PSU should never be expected to run at full load, especially a unit that is only 70% efficient. Max everyday working load for your PSU should be about 385 watts yet you need more than that.

I suggest at the least you look into an Antec 550 watt TRIO (about $85.00 after rebate)power they are head and shoulders built above the SP series. The trio's are 85% efficient and have active PFC (power factor correction)

A really nive unit is the Antec Trio 650 watt = even better choice for your system!
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