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Stop Errors

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Hello all,

I have a PC (spare now) wich is about 4 or 5 years old.
Close to 4 months ago, out of the blue it starting rebooting with these stop error messeges. I had written them down then and called tech support, and tried destructive recoveries.

They said pretty much that there was somthing wrong with the partition data, and couldnt help me. So I shoved the PC in a closet and bought a new one.

Just the other day, I figured I would plug it in and see if I could get it working. So I plug it in, and the first try, I did get another blue stop screen error. I then rebooted in debugging mode wich seemed to fix the problem, After gaining confidence the machine may still have life...I even was able to install a video game and could actually play.
Not knowing what to check to see what was causing the error, I ran an app called PC doctor or somthing wich scans different things, all completed successfully.
Alas the stop errors are gone, but now it seems the game is causing crashes and reboots.
I know I have a bios update I need but, after bypassing the safety thing that hinders diskette formatting.. I cant seem the get the bios.bat on the formatted disk to update it. I Also transferred video updates via cd-rw, because the said PC has no internet.
But all in all why im here is, today while trying to fiddle with the video game, the stop errors have returned.
If somthing is seriously wrong, how could I install a game and actually play after the PC sat in a closet?
I have searched google for the error codes, and have gotten some reassurance that it may well be an easy fix?
I forget what the codes were in the past..they varied each crash.
recently they have been

0x8E and 0x24

This old PC has Winxp preinstalled and has no disks, if disks could help me?
On my new PC I took the time to make the Win XP disks, could I use them to fix the old PC's windows?
sorry this is so long, wanted to explain the timeline, and I cant really think of what I may have done in the past to start the problem.

Thank you
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Hi UndeadMage and welcome to TSF!

OK, one thing is setting warning bells going here, that second stop code 0x24 - that means the file which allows you to read from and write to NTFS file systems is corrupt (ntfs.sys), normally because of file system corruption or disk problems. If possible, go to your hard drive manufacturer's website (on another computer as I believe you said that one has no net access) and download their disk checking utility. You'll probably need to put this on a floppy disk, but you may be able to make a bootable CD to run it. Run a full scan on the disk and see what it picks up. If it picks up errors on the disk, you're going to need to get another hard drive as this one is dying.

Also, this tool will allow you to do a zero-fill on the drive. If the disk scan turns up nothing, do the zero fill (note, this is sometimes called a low level format by some people, and it will irrecoverably destroy any data left on the drive) and try a re-install of your OS. If you're still getting errors, post back and we'll see what we can do.

You say you "bypass[ed] the safety thing that hinders diskette formatting" - are you talking about the little tab on the diskette? If so, stick a bit of paper over the hole with sellotape and you can write to it again.

One final thing to note, if you're installing XP on this system, are you using the same licence as the one on your new computer? If so, you're technically in violation of the licence agreement - Microsoft only allow you to install a copy of XP on one computer, and if you're putting it on another you need to completely remove it from the old system first.
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