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Stop Error 0x000000F4

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Hi there, my computer is occasionally freezing up and getting a BSOD with the stop error 0x000000F4.


Windows XP Home SP3

intel 2.4GHZ Q6600 quad core

4 GB DDR2 ram

Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT (1GB VRam)

Soundblaster Xtreme XFI Sound Card

Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus Motherboard

500 GB SATA HDD (can't remember brand/model)

Optiarc DVDRW

The circumstances in which this error occurs isn't consistant. Sometimes I will be gaming, other times surfing the web, or watching a movie/tv show on my computer. It has even happened while I am AFK in another room. I went to microsoft support and tehre was a hotfix, but when I attempted to apply it, I recieved an error stating that my service pack was newer than the hotfix and I did not need to apply it, it then discontinued the installation of the hotfix. I have read a few posts with similar problems but none seemed to apply to my situation. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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hi, I received this message just once (so far) a few months ago. Have you looked at event viewer? That may give more information. My research led to the view that it could be any piece of hardware. Do you have a diagnostics program at all? If it had happened to me again I would have removed/replaced the battery (laptop), memory and hard drive. sorry can't be of more help but event viewer will give an event id which may help you with further research.
Hello and Welcome to TSF!!!

Would be nice to check HDD for possible bad sectors and also to test RAM modules...
Do you have one 4GB RAM module or 2x2GB???

Check what make/model is HDD, visit manufacturer's Web Site,
download diagnostic tools and scan HDD for possible bad sectors...

What make/model is PSU???

Keep us posted...
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I have had same issue on an HP compaq laptop.
For me it was a driver issue that was causing overheating and blue screen. It would also shut down on screen resolution changes ie.. setting to 1280 X 1024.
I rolled back the driver for the video card and this fixed the problem for a while. 2 months. then it happend again. So I reinstalled Windows XP Pro got all service packs and updates and then rolled back the driver again. I havn't had any more problems so far. been about 2 months now.
Thank ou all foryour rplies. I tried many suggestions and after 2 days of blah blah and no results I went to a reinstall. I backed up as much as I could and reinstalled windows. After doing so I was having problems loading my motherboards driver disk, whichmeant no internet. So i went on o y sisters computer and downloaded the drives and burned them to disk.. installed em on my compuer and things were going smoothly until mynetworng program began to install. I don't think i was specifically that program though.. everything locked up and it bluescreened again. ater several reboots i kept getting aunknown hard error and it would not boot up windows past the black windows xp screen. All of the stop errors were ard drive related, or at least each error messge COULD be the hard drive, so I am RMA'n my hdd, lets hope that sovles it.
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hi, I hope so too - get back to us with progress when you get the new hard drive.
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