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Stolen posts i think

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Well i was looking for information on my processor and i came upon this it is the same convo that i had with Linderman on here and its almost word for word I think they stole from this website but i dont know what do you think
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i wonder if they are some side help website teamed up with us?? if not thats not kool taking credit for somthing they did not help with
I would assume that there would be links going to and from the website if that was the case.

I don't know what TSF's copyright laws are either. This one's for the admin's I think :smile:

Even though it's fairly evident, I don't think it can be proven that they did copy the thread though.
They've stolen some of my posts too - at that site I'm called SergioSantos, urgaffel etc. :laugh:
or did this forum steal from them???

Just teasing :p
No was not stolen from them i was the one that started this thread you can look at the dates posted theres is 1 day ago and mine is 3 days ago
Post inflation at another forum?
yep, whose going to ask for help from a forum with a two posts:grin:
yep, whose going to ask for help from a forum with a two posts:grin:
last year I was a moderator of a forum where someone came and wanted to purchase access to the posts and membership list so they could add it to their forum to inflate the membership and make it look active.
Just so you all know, we take issues with plagiarism seriously and do try to take action if found.

As for TSF's copyright rules, here they are from the Rules section:

All content, unless otherwise protected, is the property of TSF and may not be disseminated, copied, transmitted, reproduced, or otherwise used except at the discretion of TSF, its administrators, or its assigned proxies. Any Staff members wishing to use such material outside of TSF may NOT do so without the written permission of the Administrators or the assigned proxies of TSF. Any material from another forum that is posted in TSF for the purpose of assisting users or as tutorials, may not be posted unless the Administrators of TSF are satisfied that the forum in question has given written permission for such material to be used.
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What's the modus operandi when this happens ? Do you contact the admins of the other forum to get the posts removed ? Those 2 guys joined recently on their forum, if we could get the admins to disclose their ip address we could check whether they're registered here on TSF. But the way they did it it sounds like it could be the admins themselves trying to inflate the number of posts...

Linderman didn't take it bad at all. If it were my posts I'd make sure to register on the other forum to tell them what I think of it :smile:

Could TSF make money from lawsuits ? :laugh:
I hope you guy dont think i had anything to do with it i just found it i will also give my ip if needed for prof
:smile: I don't think you would have pointed it out if it was you moses.

The copyright thing - I've read the rules so many times but that's the only section I've always skipped over :laugh: Living up to you username I guess.
Don't worry Moses. There have been other examples.
kool thanks for the relief i just didnt think it was fair for Linderman he should get credit for helping me and saving me time and money from taking it to some guy who would charge me over 100usd
They've stolen some of my posts too - at that site I'm called SergioSantos, urgaffel etc. :laugh:
Should I update the ' Real Names' list for you Nick? :grin:
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