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Still no luck in getting audio to work....

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I had posted a question a while back and still haven't gotten the problem fixed. I can't seem to get audio while on I know I have my powered speakers plugged in correctly in the back of the computer because I do get audio from my CD-ROM and from midi music. Why then can I not receive any audio from youtube's website ? I love to watch people play guitar on that website but can't hear a bloody thing. I have an integrated sound card on a P2 350 running Windows 98 SE. Can someone figure this out ? Yes, I have my volume up at the bottom of the taskbar and it's up on the youtube site too. In Explorer, I have "enable sounds on web pages" checked. So what's going on ??? I can get audio at work's computer but not at home. Go figure eh ? I tried putting the audio cable from the speakers in a different input in the back but still nothing. Help is much appreciated.
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Download google player...
nd try to play a video file on it coz i think thats the player they use on that website....
Try updating your flash player to the lastest version. Link below. Also what version of IE are you running?
I am running IE version 6.0 right now. I have upgraded the latest version of flash and still no audio. I went on youtube's help section and it says that you need windows 2000 or higher to get audio to work. I don't understand why that is. I get video to work but no audio. Usually it's much more difficult getting video to work. Go figure eh ? Anyways, does anyone know if there's a way to get audio to work using windows 98 ? I've tried using this program called K-Lite Codec Pack but still no audio. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Can anybody help me out here ??? I have a copy of windows XP on my computer at work....can I install it on my home computer as a last resort ? I heard that you can only install XP on one computer. Is this true ? Thanks for any assistance you can give. :wave:
Unfortunately, XP can only be installed on one computer at a time.

Have you tried updated your flash player as suggested above? I think this may fix it as I believe this fixed a similar problem I had with YouTube a while back.

Also, you could try downloading an alternative browser (Mozilla, Firefox, etc). I use Opera myself, as I find all it's features very convienent, but any browser should work for you. This may help.
Thanks for the info. I'll try downloading the Opera browser tonight and see if it's going to help or not. I have the latest flash version installed and still no luck. I just don't understand why audio can't work. Any patches or fixes you know about ? I tried using those codecs (k-lite) but found the interface very confusing. Can anyone explain how this program works ? Here's a link to the program:

I couldn't figure it out. Someone said that I should be downloading the full version of this program. Any help is appreciated. :grin:
Try something silly, double click on the speaker icon bottom right and check in the mixer that nothing is muted or turned down. With one of my old machines I sometimes found the wav. "slider" was at zero for some reason. Also punch "real alt" into google and download the little utility. It works like *&^%$!! Real Player but without the grabbiness!
Thanks Dave, I'll give it a whirl and see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for all the advice once again. :wave:
Ok Dave, I just installed this program that you recommended and the problem is that it doesn't play flash videos. I need a player that will play stuff found on youtube's website. Any other suggestions ? I have already checked my speaker volume and made sure that the levels are all the way to the right. I guess I'll just have to look around for a used copy of Windows 2000 or XP. Oh well. :normal:
Try double clicking on the sound icon in the task bar. Then select Options -> Properties, and make sure all volume controles are checked. Click Okay and the make sure all sliders are turned up.
Anytime I can't get audio to work with something my first move is to check the volume controls down at the taskbar. So this isn't the problem folks. I'm sure youtube just can't work under windows 98 that's all. If anyone else has any suggestions it would be great.
I've been doing some reasearch on this, and it seems like it could lead down to the Windows Sound drivers. Try following these steps to reinstall your sound drivers and see if this helps:

Also, this is how you use K-Lite to reset the sound:

Start > Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > Codec Tweak Tool
Then check the box next to [Registry] Fix non-working system sound.

I've downloaded the K-Lite Codec Pack (full version) and I don't see the part where I have to check [Registry] Fix non working sound. Can you tell me exactly where this part is ? Can you do a screen capture image for me and circle it ? I'm totally lost. I also tried installing that speaker.exe file but didn't extract it correctly I'm sure. I don't understand why getting audio to work is turning out to be a headache. Geesh....sorry for bothering you again. Please help me out here. :upset:
no sound

I don't know if this is relavent but, after a format, I found TV prog dvd's(recorded on a sony machine) would not play sound via Nero6. The greedy B's wanted me to buy some more software.
However, I found that Power DVD sorted things out (it came bundled with the burners).
If you know anyone who has bought a burner in the last 12 months I bet they have a copy. Worth a try!
Not ready to give up just yet, I found this on another website:

According to this guy, we should be able to get audio working. He says "simply copy the following text to a text file...."

The only problem is I don't understand how to do this. Where exactly am I copying all that text to ? Do I need to download a registery editor or what ? I'm very weary about tampering with the registery as I can really mess things up in there. Can anyone make any sense out of this link I just posted ? Please explain in detail what I need to do. Thanks.
Go to Start > Run > regedit to open the registry editor. Click File > Export to save a backup copy of the registry. This will allow you to restore your current registry with File > Import in case the fix doesn't work.

Copy the text in your link to Notepad. Then save it to the desktop as missing.reg (not .txt). Go to the desktop and click the file you've just saved. This will add the text to the registry. Reboot to complete.

Note: This fix is for Flash Player 9, and may not work on other versions.
I did exactly what you said and the following error occured:

"Cannot import c:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\MISSING.REG. The specified file is not a registery script. You can import only registery files."

Does this mean that I copied it wrong ? I checked and highlighted everything including the first line that reads "Windows Registery Editor Version 5.00". So, where did I go wrong ???

Edit: I noticed that in the first line it says "Windows NT".....does this mean it won't work with Windows 98 ? Damn this is getting annoying. Soon I'm just going to reformat my hard drive and go out and buy a copy of Windows 2000. And it probably still wouldn't work. Damn you Bill Gates. :upset:
Just a cottin pickin' If you are running 98(not 98SE?) what are you running it on? Rather than buy 2k(which I have heard is not good) or XP this is probably time to replace the whole pc. I just bought a P4 3.0G 1G RAM machine with kosher XP home for £280. Remember, if you buy an os now and then a pc later you have the hassle of re-installing.
Just a thought.
I was thinking of buying a used P3/P4 computer but to be honest I don't really need the upgrade. I installed 256 megs of RAM last year and just put a 52x32x52 LG burner in my PC. I'm happy with what I have it's just bloody frustrating not being able to get audio when using a flash player. I don't really want to go out and start over and re-install all of my software. I was hoping to find a fix to my problem before going that other route. Worse comes to worse, I'll just re-format my drive and install the new OS, but I'll try upgrading to Windows 2K first before starting from scratch. I'll just back-up my software first on CD-R.

I've heard bad things about windows 2K too, but I don't have a choice because I can't afford XP right now plus my hard drive space is limited at the moment until I go out and buy another one. I'm looking to get an external HD via USB. I'm just surprised that Windows 98 SE is having trouble getting audio from youtube's site to work. Even youtube wasn't able to help me out. I was hoping that the fix above would have worked for me and but it gave me an error screen. Are we allowed to swear on here because I wanna right now.
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You mentioned you had trouble with K-Lite...

Try doing this exactly, I installed the program and it was there for me.

Start > Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > Codec Tweak Tool
Then check the box next to [Registry] Fix non-working system sound.

In case you were confused from before, the 'Start > Programs' part refers to your Windows Start button, and Program Files.
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