Take a quick glance at your computer desk lamp and ask yourself how long have you had that lamp? Does it follow the old fashion desk lamp design? Could it be time for an upgrade? How much money have you spent in buying new bulbs?

As you read my title, you may start to ask yourself “who would be interested in a desk lamp review?” Well, reviews are always useful for the person interested in the subject. It’s better to know and understand the product you’re buying rather than just taking a shot in the dark on an impulse buy.

Take a step into my home office and you will find a large square room with two large windows on two different walls and one single floor lamp. During the day, the office is filled with sunlight and makes doing tasks, like writing a note or typing on the keyboard, easy. When night falls, things change as the far wall of the room becomes dim and writing notes can become more difficult even with the floor lamp adding a lot of light. Therefore, a desk lamp is a must have in my case.

Previously, I had an old fashioned style desk lamp that was both bulky and obstructive with its large bulb housing. As seen here , you can see why I was excited to take a look at TaoTronics’s TT-DL01 desk lamp. Offering that modern style and having some great lighting settings, it was something new and refreshing.

As I say goodbye to my old desk lamp, I welcome the new TaoTronics TT-DL01 desk lamp with open arms. Throughout this review of the TT-DL01, I will be covering the following topics: the style, functionality, and my final thoughts. I would like to thank TaoTronics for providing me with this unit to review.

The Style

Ask a young child to draw a desk lamp and there’s a good chance that you will receive a picture of the old fashion desk lamp with the large bulb, large on/off switch and a bulky circular base. It’s a design that has been common for years and one to which we’ve all become accustomed.

TaoTronics thought that they would rethink the style of desk lamp and mix it up a bit by adding their own style.

The TT-DL01 is constructed with a well-built plastic frame and metal base. Known as the modern style, the TT-DL01 has a square base that connects to a tall yet thin moveable arm.

Concentrating on the base of the unit, users will find a glossy plastic finish over a metal frame that offers both weight and support. Also on the base is the TaoTronics logo and a product information sticker on the bottom. Furthermore, the base contains a large soft-touch pad that prevents accidental shifts and movements while on the desk.

Moving up the base of the unit to the first section of the arm, users will find a touch interface. By registering the heat from your finger, users have the ability to adjust the lamp’s brightness, turn the device on/off, select the timer, and change the light mode; more on this later.

On the rear of that same touch interface section, users will find the power input and a USB charging port on the left side. Power is brought to the unit by a long power cable for wall outlets that may be far away. The USB port is an excellent touch on the desk lamp, as no longer do you need to run a USB cable to your PC for charging devices. By using the 5V/1A USB port users can simply and easily charge a smartphone, camera, tablet, or other USB device.

As we move further up the arm, we find the long height extension. This section is used for adjusting and giving some height to the top light bar. At the top, the light bar contains eighteen white LEDs and nine yellow LED lights that are dimmable and changeable, this is where the desk lamp really shines.

After my bad pun, users will find that there are subtle design aspects of the desk lamp like two cut outs in the plastic; both on the middle arm and top light bar. These subtle design tricks allow the desk lamp to offer a more pleasing look to it.

Finally, we deal with multiple adjustments of the desk lamp. With a swivel of 180 degrees, a 40 degree forward tilt, and 140 degree upwards bend, users should have no problem finding the best position. Users can also choose between two different colors. Whilst I prefer/like the piano black edition, TaoTronics also offers the unit in piano white.


As a desk lamp, what unique features could it possibly offer? Surely it provides a nice light to your workspace, but what’s left?

Well, with its two-tone white and yellow LEDs the lamp can adjust the colors to allow for a better environment. With four mode controls, users can switch between reading, studying, relaxing, or sleeping mode.

Select the reading mode to activate all LEDs adding a nice white/yellow glow over your documents. Move down the list to the studying mode to have only the white LEDs turn on. Kick back and relax with a yellow/white glow on relax mode. Then, finally, enjoy a subtle yellow glow with sleep mode activated. Plus if any of the modes happen to be too bright or too dim, use the brightness adjuster to remember your favorite brightness settings.

Since the TT-DL01 uses all LEDs, there’s no need to waste money on buying new bulbs. Quality LEDs are typically good for eleven straight years of constant usage. In addition, the LEDs offer an energy boost over the traditional incandescent by using 80% less power. Likewise, when compared to an incandescent, LEDs do not flicker which means they will not make you tired or put a stress on your eyes.

Finally, we have the timer option on the user interface. When activated, the desk lamp will begin a 60 minute timer that will automatically shut down the lamp after that time has expired. Unfortunately, when the timer is activated the On/Off power button begins to flash a red LED. Even though the red LEDs are small, the constant blinking did become annoying.

My Final Thoughts

In the end, I would certainly recommend the TaoTronics TT-DL01 desk lamp to freshen up your workspace. With no negativity whatsoever about the style and function of the desk lamp, for $59.99 you can’t go wrong. As I find the price to be spot on, I can easily say that you would be hard pressed to find a better built, yet still stylish, desk lamp.

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