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I have a unique sound problem.
It started with playing Crysis, in the middle of the game the sound started scratching. At the beginning of the game and the first levels it was fine. ever since when ever I try hearing music or playing a game or viewing movies the sound scratches.
I noticed that it doesn't scratch all the time. Only if the computer is busy, meaning if the I listen to music or watching a video while burning a cd the sound scratches more, and in game, when there are lots of details on screen the sound scratches more. I have checked and reinstalled the drivers (sound + video). and checked the speakers also.
Plus I connect the head set (to another connection) same problem.
when watching a movie the static goes away after 10 or 15 minutes but comes back if i touch the computer. (any action that requires the computer to "think" coses the sound to scratch) Oh when ever the sound scratches the video legs..
Computer specks:
Desktop Board: intel dg965ss
sound card: on board.
video card: nvidia 8800 gts 640mb
scratching sound = its like static but I don't know how to describe it. when it happens I cant understand a word of what ever playing at the time (movie, music, game)

Can any one please help!! thank you.
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