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Startup Problems

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I am having problems booting my computer, i think it may be due to the motherboard, bios, or the psu.
sometimes when i boot up it just shows a blank screen not even the bios or anything else.
sometimes it loads the bios but displays 'FDC Failure'
sometimes it loads the bios but displays 'CMOS Checksum Bad'
and other times it just boots normally.

I have found that if i flick the switch on the back quickly, then power on it nearly always comes on.

As the computer is only about a year old, i wouldn't expect it to be a major problem.

Nothing has been added to the computer and nothing taken out, it just seems to have occured overnight, as i have never had any problems before.

Help is much appreciated.
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Welcome to TSF:

Sounds like a failing PSU ????? but you can never be 100% sure but thats where I would start

enermax or antec 500 watt PSU / quality PSU's are a vital necessity / the generic power supply's are pleasantly priced but very destructive to a system before they are identified for replacement.

check ebay or

good luck

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Thank you

Been out to buy a new psu, and pc is working perfectly, thank you very much for your help :sayyes:
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