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Yesterday my box started to produce an error beep code on startup... instead of the single short beep that it normally does. It then procedes to boot correctly and seems to run ok but i am wary of ignoring the beeps as i know they are there for a reason.

Here is what the beep sounds like: (tiny mp3 file)

my machine is a self build with the following specs:

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 (rev 2.0)
Intel E6600 (not overclocked)
2 x SATA 320Gb Western Digital HD
4 x 1Gb Geil 800hz DDR2 ram sticks
PCI Firewire controller card
Sony DVD-R combo drive.

can't remember video card of the top of my head but will check it and post back in a bit...

The system has been running fine for almost a year. I added half the ram recently but I have also tried booting without the new ram and i still get the same beep.

If anyone can help me shed some light on this i would be most greatful

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