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Starting in safe mode

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For the last few days every time I have started the computer it has started in safe mode. The computer also freezes up at just any given moment and I have to turn it off the wrong way because nothing I try does anything, I can't even move the cursor. Today has been worse, it's happened 3 times already. I don't know what to do when this happens or what settings to check that might fix this. Help, please?
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If you mean turning it off the "wrong way" as hitting the power button, then yes, that will surely cause Win98 to boot up in Safe Mode the next time you power it on. Try this:

While your PC is booting through it's POST, start hitting the F8 key about once per second. Eventually it should come up to the Windows boot menu. Choose Option 1: Normal Mode.

But these freezes need to be addressed. Does the entire PC lockup? Can you move the mouse? Can you Alt+Tab or hit Ctrl+Esc to bring up the Start Menu? Does the PC make any kind of noise, particularly a "ticking" noise when tapping keys or moving the mouse? Any artifacts on the screen such as lines or garbled icons?
Thanks for replying. :)

I will try that the next time it does that. Yes, the entire pc freezes up and I can't do anything not even move the mouse. I have tried the Ctrl+Alt+Delete and it does nothing. It doesn't make any noise at all not even when I press keys. The screen is not messed up at all, it looks perfect just is frozen. The only thing I can do is turn it off the wrong way and start again. Also sometimes the computer will beep once and just restart itself for no reason at all. It has happened working online and off. I just don't know what to do. :(
froze sceen...check your video might be that it is not frozed just that the video card is acting up...

Can you recreate the problem ?
Is it right away or after the system has been running for a while?
Hi there,

It always happens after the computer has been on for a few hours. I restarted twice yesterday (just to be doing it) after it had been on a couple hours and it didn't freeze all day after doing that. It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing when it freezes. I can just be surfing around or working offline and it will just freeze. I don't know anything about computers so could you tell me how can I check the video drive? Pretty please? :D
My computer
Control Panel

What ever is listed under display adapter write down....

then go to your favorite search engine or and search for the card (or post back here) and then go to the company site under drivers or supprt and download and install (run from location insted of install) and it should update the drivers....

aslo go to windows update and make sure your updates are in place

all critical updates and direct X at least...

Open your case and make sure all the fans are running and it is not overheating

post back.......
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:) Ok I did what you said and under display adapter it says SiS 530. I searched for that and it took me here:

I started the download under Wondows 98/ME, it still has an hour and 20 minutes left. When it gets done will it automatically go where it's suppose to? I will do the Windows update when this download gets done. It is ok to open the case when the computer is on?

When I get all this done I will post back.

Thanks a bunch. :)
I have the download finished but it went into something called winzip and there are 40 files and I have no idea what to do with them, whick one does what, help?
ok I just downloaded the file (so I had some idea of what you were talking about)

Ok its a zip file, in the winzip menu (where it shows you all the files) click the extract button and where it says "extract to" type in "c:\temp" (no " 's :D)

Then goto Start > Run > type: c:\temp\setup.exe

Thank you so much TheTechIsIn

It's all installed now. Your directions were perfect. Thanks for explaining it to me so clearly.

Now I'll go get the Windows update and I should be all done.

You guys are great, thanks again for all your help.

Kellie :)
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