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Hi can anybody throw some light on this.
My computer has been working fine ( well a little slow on start up)
But now when I turn my computer on it does its anitial start up and then goes to a black screen with the heading.
Please select start
Microsoft windows XP PRO
restore microsoft windows XP PRO

use up and down keys to choose.

or at the bottom it says go to F8

To start with it wont actually let you choose between any, you just have to wait about 30 seconds and then the computer begins to load.

or at the first inital start up you quickly press F8 and when on this screen it is set on start windows normally, also wont let you choose between another start.

I have tried many things to cure this like.
Using windows disc with fsc /scannow.
registry mechanic.
msconfig start menu and services.
virus check.
All with no sucess.

Has anybody got any ideas.

It was painful enough being slow starting but with this extra hurdle to climb its getting unbearable.

Cheers. :4-dontkno

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Go into your computer properties (right click my computer > properties)

Select the advanced tab

Under the "startup and recovery" option go into settings

Under the system startup area it will say:

"To edit the startup options file manually, click edit"

Click edit and a notepad page will open

It SHOULD be similar to this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

You will probably find you have a second line under the boot loader and operating system header for the restore option, delete both of these and you should be ok.

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try this
right click my computer>properties>advanced>uncheck the folowing>Time to display operating system & time to diaplay recovery option> ok> reboot.

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I will try

Hi thanks for replying to my post. I unfortunetly have been sent offshore.
So I can red my post but cant get to my computer.
I will try these as soon as I get home. Thanks.

Any ideas on the slow start.?
I have a 120 gb hard drive and I have used about 60 gb.
I havent got much in my start menu, sound symbol, anti virus symbol, and a connect and disconnect harware symbol.
I have closed all but a few in the start menu, but really doesnt make much difference.
How long should a computer take to start ? it seems to take a long time to load. is that usual.
It starts with the usual info on computer, then goes to a picture previously loaded, the load bars showing it loading, then goes to current picture, which then takes ages for the display folders on the screen to load.
When the computer has started it seems to run fine.
We tend not to use the computer when its switched off as it seems to take ages to start.
I have used a computer on a rig where i work and it seems to have loads of info and folders and games etc and that loads really quick ?
Ok thanks

Ps It wouldnt be that my anti virus is on the start up, and checking everything?

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Thats your luck

Just to add to my troubles.
I had the problem where the computer cycled through a 30 second start, I was advised to delete the second line in the boot menu ( note book )

I done this but deleted the wrong line, not realising what trouble was to follow, I couldnt then get onto my computer, couldnt reload windows, nothing,.
I have found out that I deleted a nr file in the boot menu.

That mistake just cost me £50 to fix.

So yes I got my computer back and now after connecting it to the internet have now got a virus, trojan,.

I shall be more careful what advise I take in future.

I realise deleting the wrong line didnt help, but just didnt know what the outcome would be.

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