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start up issues

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helloooo all
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i have a dell desktop 8200 with windows xp...i have just got a message saying there were updates available on windows xp2.... i installed and downloaded the updates....however. during my reboot the computer went to the xp window and the screen said stand by.... well i let it stand by for a long time then tried to reboot it.

now during reboot start up goes to my wallpaper then 5-10 minutes later my toolbar and desktop icons come on. im not sure what is causing the delay??? but it occured during installation of the update... as always thanx for ur time....
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I just had the same problem with windows server 2003.
It seems that it updates windows installer which
changes files that affect ATAPI controllers for CDROM
Older CD Drives become incompatable.
You might want to disconect your CD Drive and see
if windows starts properly.
Leave it to Microsoft....
im not much of a really not comfortable going into the computer to disconnect my two cd drives......could it be anything else?????
Come on now. Surely you can unplug something and plug it back into the same spot. This isn't rocket science here. :smile:
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