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Start-up but no boot or display

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Hello TSF I browsed your forum and realy liked it.

I have this problem with my 6 months old self build computer.

Today I started-up the PC, It loaded Windows untill the note Windows is loading your settings, then it froze-up.
After several minutes I reset the PC with the reset button, now it stopped at the black screen after the windows logo.
The thirth time even the WinFast boot screen didn't apear.
After that:
Now I have opened up the casing the fan's work, HDD heared at power-up, There is no LED on my MB so can't check that, Display dosn't become active. DVD drives blink up at start as normal.

System: MB Foxconn 6100M2AM-2.0-RS2H, CPU: AMD 3800+ dual core, ATI x1550 grafics 256Mb, HDD's Seagate sata 40Gb en WD sata 250Gb (systeem) 2x IDE 200 and 250GB, drives DVD/CD-RW combo and DVD-RWDL20x, X-gear case came with 400PSU and 14/1 cardreader.

I suspect the PSU could be it, whats your opinion?
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Yes, the PSU must be the prime suspect. See if you can borrow another (better) PSU.
Can you enter BIOS and watch the voltages and temperatures?
If not - try starting with the HDDs disconnected.
No, PSU didn't do the trick, swopped it with a 500W Saphire.

I can't get into the bios eighter, display also dosn't wake-up (conection are secure), tried with all HDD's disconnected also didn't work system dosn't beep at start-up eighter.

I read on the forum about disassembling and rebuilding one by one.
Do I start with a blank MB and will I hear a beep if I power-up then, or is the processor always needed for a power-up? :4-dontkno

Kind regards, Apeshead
Reseat the video card and the RAM stick(s).
Try starting with 1 stick of RAM.

If that doesn't work:
Hello TCS

Did the bench test today, only MB with CPU (including cool fan) and onr stick of RAM, also tried the other RAM and without RAM.
I tried with the ATI Radon (fan ATI did work) and without the card (MB has onboard VGA to)

after I tried that I did CMOS reset and started with the minimum bech set-up again, still no luck.

Do I need to get it to a store now? for MB and CPU testing? :sigh:
No beeps when you remove the RAM?
If so, and the motherboard is "capable" of beeping - RMA the board.
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