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Start menu replaces desktop icons

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I have windows 10 Home
Somehow I accidentally changed something so that instead of the display on my desktop showing all my shortcuts it shows my start menu icons and the start menu icon is gone from the left hand bottom of the screen I still get the desktop image though.
Also when you right click on a empty portion of the task bar instead of the usual stuff you get a box saying
(Check marked) show all app icons
Show all notification Icons (not checked)
Show Touch Button Keyboard (not checked)
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It sounds like you are either going into and out of tablet mode (something 2-in-1 devices can do), or you have changed a Start Screen setting in Personalization. Here are guides for both situations, I imagine you'll quickly know which one applies to your device:
What is Tablet Mode in Windows 10 and How to Turn it On and Off
How do I get rid of the full screen Start screen in Windows 10 | Windows 10 content from Windows IT Pro
Make Start full screen - Windows Help

Let us know if those guides don't hellp
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