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Start A Band, Rock The World

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Rock Band.

So i know its been out in a america for awhile, only just been released over here.

My friend bought the full set up, but has left it at mine as he has no space at his.
Great Game, 1 player mode isn't too bad, but it's the multiplayer that really shines!
Whats everyones thoughts on it, how far you on it, etc...
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just got the second Van with my girlfriend in a band called "the sukers" Silkie Rust (My girlfriend) on guitar and "Arnold Sidewayz" (me) on the vocals. How hard to sing is "Here it goes again" by ok go? gotta be the hardest vocals in the game!
My girlfriend likes the game but refuses to play when I'm around. She really hates the sound of her voice but (on good authority) does very well in Rock Band. She's also big into Guitar Hero II.
I have completed Solo guitar on hard so far and vocals on easy.
In the multi tour mode, One of my bands has just got some roadies, That band i'm playing guitar on Hard, and my friend is playing Drums on expert (he's played drums for about 6 years)
And my girlfriend and I have a band but have only done a couple songs on it so far.

I don't think the vocals are that bad on the Ok Go song, feel there is harder songs.

Anyone perchased songs anysongs off live yet? Got the Metallica Track pack, Blackened is immense to play.
I have downloaded: Attack and The Kill By 30 seconds to mars, Don't look back in anger by Oasis, Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects, Little sister by Queens of the stoneage and Its not a scene, its an arms race by Fall out Boy.

As you can see, my music tastes are quite emo!
I also downloaded the Coheed and Camriba song, wanting to download most songs for it, i'll end up using all my microsoft points at this rate!
I quite like the Tattoos on it too, made a good arm sleeve for my singer.
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