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I bought this game for my son and I many years ago. It has since been lost and the computer it was loaded on bit the dust. There was an ad for Eve and I was hooked. I read a review saying nubes win battels because they buy what upgrades they need rather than go through the games many hoops for advancing. Then I was unhooked. Starlancer was mentioned as a fun alternative. I didn't get to play it much but my son told me it was fun building up whatever endeavor you take.
I read several ways to get the game to work on windows 10. I downloaded the game and the patches and put them where I think they belong but nothing works. I am not even clear where the program is supposed to be installed. I'll start there. C:\program files (x86)\microsoft games\starlancer First downloaded and installed starlancer. Then some program called dgvoodoo and moved it to where starlancer directory. Ran dgvoodoo's install. This is done with the C prompt with administrator rights. Nexxt, a test. enter bcdedit /set testsigning on
The test never worked. It couldn't find this test. A secdrv.sys file and save it somewhere. It is downloaded from Free download dll |
Now it says something about Driver Signiture Enforcement overrider 3.1b then extract it somewhere??? sand run it. The easiest part was creating a starlancer bat file
imagecfg u-lancer.exe
imagecfg u-lancer.icd
imagecfg a-0x1 lancer.exe
imagecfg a-0x1 lancer.icd
That doesn't work. Probably I have these things in the wrong place.
Found a website that had a modified starlancer.exe which I was supposed to swap with the original .exe.
Haven't found it since. Those people seem smart, just smart enough to be dangerous. I need a lot more hand holding for this one.
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