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Ive been fooling around with this for way too many hours for me to be still considered sane.

I tryed to install Stacraft Broodwar on my old Box wich i used to play it on years ago so i could duel my buddy who was about to come over.

Game starts fine, but whenever i click on the multiplayer menu, or click on a campaign in the singleplayer menu, it freezes.
Music keeps on playing tho.

The computer seems to run a handful of other simple 2d games i tryed fine.

Computer is a P2 400Mhz with a voodoo 3 2500 pci. Running windows 2000 sp4 fully updated.

Ive tryed 3 different video drivers cleaning up in between. The last official 3dfx ones. Amigasport 3.0 and sfftv3alpha32.

Ive tryed directx 9.0c and also tryed downgrading to 8.1b

tryed different refresh rates for my 17'' CRT. tryed setting my desktop to starcrafts default res (640X480X16)

tryed disabling my sound card in device manager

tryed running it in windows 95, 98 and nt 4.0 compatibility mode.

oh and btw theres no Error folder created in my starcraft home dir.

Thats everything i can recall. I just cant come up with anything else to try.
If everyone got ANYTHING to suggest, its more than welcome ;/
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