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Stange Hard drive problems

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I have a PC with 2 hard drives in. My main hardrive is an IDE and it has my os on it where as my second hd is a SATA hd and i use it to store games and music on and so on.

Randomly one day, my computer couldnt detect my second hardrive. I turned off my computer, paniced a bit, came back and it was working again. Then a few months later, again all of a sudden my computer started up really really slowly and xp wouldn't load, it just showed xp loadin and showed the blue bars scrolling across the screen for an hour.

i decided to unplug my second hard drive to see if it worked better, and it does, my computer is working fine, but when i try and use my second hard drive i get the same problem.

I have made sure that my IDE hd pin is set to the right slot and so on.

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Replace the SATA cable.

Run diagnostic tools from the HDD manufacturer to check the SATA drive for errors.
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