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Standby Problem

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my computer and internet work fine, until i put computer on standby.

when i restart i am unable to connect to internet and computer is slow and sometimes freezes up.

when i reboot everything runs fine again.

i am running windows xp home
amd athlon 64 processor, 3700+ 2.22 ghz, 2.00 gb ram
my isp is virgin media.

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How are you connected to the internet by ADSL Modem, Router, e.t.c. And how is yr PC then connected to this?
i have broadband cable modem connected by ethernet.
and belkin router by ethernet for laptop downstairs.
Ok, do you leave your router on all the time, thats connected to the pc?
when i am on standby, yes i leave my modem and router connected.
its wired to my desktop, wireless to laptop
I was just wondering if there was a setting on your computer that would turn yr ethernet connector on yr motherboard off after standby? What motherboard do you have?
thanks theboff 1993
sorry if its hard work, but i,m not too good with computers,

motherboard is:=

asus A8N-SLi SE
All I can think of is don't put your PC into standby mode! Standby mode is bad for yr HDD or other hardware anyway! Unfortunatley I don't know what the problem is so unless one of the other guys, or gals (don't wanna be sexist) can help I dunno!
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