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W98 IBM Aptiva 2174, Quantum Fireball lct15 hard drive is frequently stalling. Sometimes during use - sometimes I cannot even get a startup. "If" I give the rack cabinet a bit of a good hard rap - the drive will usually come to life. Death approaches! Question is .... 'if" I install a 2nd IDE hard drive(D), transfer all data from the failing (C) drive to the new (D) drive - and change boot to (D), will this work? Sorry folks - I'm a software dev guy - not a hardware guru. Suggestions and advice are appreciated!


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Have you checked all of the connections inside the case to make sure nothing has come loose? Your not using one of those quick change hard drive bays by any chance are you.

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Obviously, you should check all the cables and the like inside to make sure it's not just a connector falling off.

If you do really need a new hard disk, use the utility that comes with most new drives to make an image copy of your current disk to the new one. Then you can remove the old drive, (since it's dying anyway) and just use the new one. If you configure to have the new one D: and boot from it, you still need the C: drive for the boot files, and it's dying! :D

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The drive is failing and this is your warning. Quantum Fireball is known to do that. You did not specify the capacity or age of the drive. My suggestion to you, only if you are a home user and not an administrator, would be to get a new drive and disconnect the old fireball drive, install the op. sys. on the new hardrive(C) then re-connect old drive on (D) and transfer data to new C drive depending on the operating system you are using and exactly what you are trying to save off the drive. It would help if you could be more specific regarding your question. There are many different answers to your question.

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Brand IBM
Form Factor Mini Tower
Manufacturer Part Number 2174880
Optical Drive Type DVD-ROM
Processor Type Athlon
Audio / Video
Audio Output Type Sound card
Max. Video Resolution 1600 x 1200
Video Input Type None
Read Speed 8x
ReWrite Speed N/A
Write Speed N/A
Depth 18.4 in.
Height 16.75 in.
Width 7.76 in.
Type None.
Hard Drive
Capacity 27 GB
Controller Type (2nd) None
Interface DMA/ATA-33 (Ultra)
RAID Level None
Key Features
Installed Memory 128 MB (SDRAM)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Processor AMD Athlon 800 MHz
Recommended Use Corporate Business, Small Business
Installed Cache Memory 512 KB
Installed RAM 128 MB
Installed Video Memory 32 MB
Max. Cache Memory 512 KB
Max. Video Memory 32 MB
Maximum RAM 768 MB
RAM Technology SDRAM
DealTime Product ID 20249792
Exterior Color White
Package Qty. 1
Max. Transfer Rate 56 Kbps
Type Fax / modem
Bus Speed 200 MHz
Video Output Interface AGP 2x
Type None
Other Drives
Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy
Removable Drive Type None
Installed Qty. 1
Max Qty. 1
Processor Manufacturer AMD
Processor Speed 800 MHz
Warranty 1 year warranty
More Information
The sleek, black Aptiva S Series is perfect for those who appreciate smart design and elegant simplicity. Even more, its efficient design lets you regain control of your space. All your components match: system, keyboard, speakers, mouse, and optional monitor and accessories. A handsome addition to any room in your home. The Aptiva S Series combines the best that IBM has to offer in performance, style and substance. Loaded with leading-edge multimedia technology, superior storage capabilities and extra expandability options. Based on the fast Intel processor this PC will help you to boost your productivity and all your routine tasks won't take any time and effort. IBM has successfully solved the problem of hard disk space. Generous amount of RAM, still expandable will make all your applications run smoothly. With a capacious hard disk you will never feel the insufficiency in hard disk space. This model is supplied with a color desktop monitor. It's a perfect solution that reflect...

I guess this is the system.
W/Quantum Fireball 27g
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