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Hi all,
I bought a new 500GB SSD for my laptop to replace the existing 128GB SSD. I used Adonis to clone the existing drive to the new drive and then replaced the old one with the new one. However, the laptop won’t boot up with the new drive.
Can anyone give any advice for this?
Detailed account of steps taken:
1) Insert new SSD into external enclosure.
2) Connect external SSD to laptop and clone the internal SSD.
3) Disassemble laptop and swap SSDs.
4) Boot up laptop.
Laptop will only boot up from original SSD (even when connected through external enclosure).

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I used Adonis to clone the existing drive to the new drive
Do you mean Acronis True Image?

The Clone job failed. Did you boot from an Acronis Boot Media Flash drive to do the Clone job? Did you clone the Whole Disk? Including the Hidden Partitions with the Boot files? Not just the C:\ Partition? Start over and clone the drive again following the instructions in the links given.
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