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SpySer - Hard Drive Error

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One of my servers started displying an error message.
As soon as I log in I get a message saying: "SpySer CRITICAL ERROR : Hard Drive(s) failed".
I have a
I click "OK" and I am able to keep working. The error shows up at start up.

It is a Pentium III (relatively old), runs Windows 2000 SP4,
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Here is the manual for your raid controller.

Sounds like a drive died. Loosing one drive in some raid setups does not loose data, but needs to be replaced soon. If a second drive goes, you have problems.
I was afraid that was what happened.
However, some how, I just logged back into the server and the error message is not being displayed anymore.
The server keeps working fine.
Should I be more scared now or just ignore it :wink: ?
Go into the raid utility and it should have something to tell you the staus of the raid system and drives. It may also be listed in the system logs.
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