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spreedsheet formula problem, need hep-where to go

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:4-dontkno Heloo everyone need'en help on spreadsheet formula can you help
Need to know how to do a formula on a spreedsheet, not sure what to do, can you tell me where to post it.
God bless Direct Current
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Not sure I understand your query.
Need to know how to do a formula on a spreedsheet
Is this your query or do you want to know if you are in the correct forum?

If the latter, then you hve posted in the correct place. If the former then post you query and lets see if we can assist. :grin: :grin:
Thank you Horse. I am having a problem with trying figure out how to create a formula for a spreedsheet problem I am trying to do for my own self bugget plan and need a bit of help figuring out how to do it to get the right answer for each column. I know a little bit about spreedsheets but scratchy when it comes to the formula stuff. Think u'all could send me in the right direction or help me with the formula stuff? Being disabled does put a damper on my thinking at times.

God bless Direct Current.
What are you trying to calculate?

Post what you are trying to calculate so someone can give you the formula syntax. For example: Are you trying to subtract your debit from your balance while adding any credits?
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