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Split screen monitor...HELP!!!

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Here is the prob:

My daughter did something on her pc to make the screen split. When it starts up, the startup screen is fine. When it gets to the desktop, it splits. It's almost like a mirrored effect. When I move the mouse around, each side is opposite of the other, and both sides are squished in vertically. It's an older monitor, with the knobs instead of the digital screen control. (Contrast, brightness, vertical, horizontal, etc..) I tried all of those and nothing helped. I unplugged the power cord, started, and restared computer. I don't know what else to do??? :no:

Any help would be great!!!
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Sounds like the monitor horizontal controls need a "tweak", or perhaps the monitor's time has passed.

If the Monitor died, has a 17" monitor for $50 after rebate, surely as cheap as you can imagine. :)
video mode?

it almost sounds to me as if she tried to change the video mode to one the monitor cannot support. try going to the start button, and choosing settings. then go into control panel, and choose display. click the settings tab at the top, and choose 640x480.

if that does the trick, then try 800x600, but 640x480 was the standard size for along time, and your monitor might not be able to go to 800x600.

alot of older monitors will show a double screen when you try to use too high of a mode.

good luck

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