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Spiltting my ps3 signal

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here is my problem,

i bought a hdmi splitter from ebay, my plan is split output from ps3, have 42" plasma downstairs, connected through splitter works perfect. i ran a second 15m hdmi lead upstairs, recently checked it with a new 22" lcd tv,

now the strange part,

when i plugged it in the picture was coming in and out and crackling, constantly with no change? when i started the game the picture went perfect, could play from upstairs no problems at all.

it seems that when im in the home menu tne signal is interferred with or somthing like that,

does plasma-lcd make a difference, could it be the new 22" tv,

im assuming lead and splitter are working fine as when game runs picture is perfect......?????

Could really do with some help here,,

thanks in advance.
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try turning off Deep Colour option in "Options -> Display Settings -> bottom", after firmware 3.40 it came optional to use. try turning it off/on, if helps.
no that didnt help, thanks for trying,
any other suggestions?
i figured it out, it was the resolution settings............yippee! thanks again.
Glad to hear it mate

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