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Speaker help

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Hi. My computer is unable to detect my speakers as long as I can remember.
(An emachine t5026)

I didn't even use it until i upgraded it to xp pro so I'm curious if that is the problem. I can use a usb headset and get sound fine but it would be great to be able to use my speakers once in a while too. I'm not really all that good with computers but i'm hoping theres some sort of solution other than buying a new soundcard :p Thanks in advance.
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Hi - welcome to TSF

Have you checked out Sounds and Audio Devices in the windows control panel?

Make sure the mute boxes are not checked and under Advanced see if all the volumes are turned up ... on the Hardware tab you will be able to confirm that the drivers are installed and working.

Do you have a sound chip on your motherboard and a soundcard in a PCI slot?

If so, maybe the onboard sound needs disabling.

Let us know how it goes.

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