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Spam filter fails on Outlook Express

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Several of my web sites have contact forms. Some of them are being used by nut cases to send a message containing rubbish.
Like any other spam, the sender's name is changed each time. However, the rubbish in the body of the message is the same each time.
I used to be able to utilise a constant like that to set a message rule in Outlook Express. I would set the filter to look for one or more of the rubbish words in the body of the email, and then I set the filter to to delete the message from the server.
Now, the message rule fails to delete the email from the server. Has something changed in Outlook Express?


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A great add on for Outlook/OE is called Spambayes.

Im pretty sure that it now supports Express and it does an awesome job with spam management.

Take a look and see if this helps you any.

Hope this helps
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