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SP3 Slipstream - does it have SATA Nvidia chip driver

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I'm creating a slipstream SP3 XP Pro boot disk from OEM SP1a.
I'm installing this on a brand new system that I jput together with one SATA disk.
I had install issues with the original SP1, it would get stuck on "enetring windows setup, just prior to the agreement. ( press F8 page)

I don't think by slipstreaming SP3 into this will help with the SATA driver but figured I'd ask you guys. (?)

I don't have a floppy and I'm still trying to figure this SATA driver for clean install out. BTW, my motherboard is a P5n-D Asus.
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Hello afterminute, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Windows® does not have 3rd party SATA Drivers included.
You have to install these types of Drivers mid-way during the Setup..a prompt appears at the bottom of the screen for you to hit F6 to install them.
Hope this answers the query.

Kind Regards,
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