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Soundcard driver

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I have an eMachines eTower 667ir that originally ran WindowsME. I reformatted my hard drive and installed Windows98 because ME was so unstable. I've been able to get all the hardware going except the sound. From what I've found the driver is only compatible with ME. I believe I have an Intel 801 Integrated Digital Audio (possibly Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio). Does anyone know where I can find a driver for these? I have downloaded several but none will work on this machine. Also, it will not allow me to read the drivers from my original restore disk. HELP!!!!
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With 98se I always found that I had to remove my sound card and then reinstall it before adding driver. (don't have that problem with XP).
Do you mean to manually remove the sound card and reinstall it? I've loaded the driver given (thanks for it!) but keep getting the message to run setup and reset the hardware cofiguration because the device isn't working properly. It worked fine before I reformatted the hard drive. Ahhhhhh! Please help?!?!

(I apologize for the double post).

Thanks again.
Oh, I have removed the device on the hard drive and reinstalled it. It still won't work.
if you go to device manager do you see an X or ! next to the sound card?

If so, delete it and try again.

If not, go into Sounds or Multimedia in Control Panel (don't remember what it is called in 98se) and check the settings. Make sure the .wav and .mid are assigned to the correct card and the volumes are checked and not lowered.

Check your Multimedia players like Real ONE, WMP, Quicktime and make sure the volume is turned down or muted.
For all I know that could be the wrong driver for your sound card.

Is this a separate sound card or is it built into the motherboard?

I'll take another look.
Thank you all for your help.

The multimedia icon will not allow me to open it.

There is no ? or ! in the device manager.

The sound card was factory installed.

The drivers listed in the links ONLY work for WindowsME.

I think I'm about stumped on this one!!!!!

Any other ideas???????
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e-mail tech support...maybe they can send you the 98 driver

or...You might find a serial/model number on the sound card and you could do a google search for the driver. I couldn't find out the
manufacturer from a google search with the info you posted.

(didn't see that that driver only worked for ME....sorry)

hmmm...just did a little more research and found this

Emachines eTower 667ir

Product Specifications

Intel Celeron 667 MHz (w/128KB L2 Cache) PPGA CPU
Intel Direct 3D 2x AGP (shared memory)
Intel 8280 AX 97 PCI Audio
8x max. Write by 38x max. Read CD-RW drive with CD-RW utility software
48x Max. CD-ROM drive
3.5-inch 1.44MB FDD
56K ITU V.90 PCI fax/modem
PS/2 Internet keyboard/mouse
Stereo speakers
2 USB Ports (1 is on front)
1 Serial / 1 Parallel / 3 Expansion Slot
Audio In & Out / Game Port on front
Mic-In & Head Phone jack on front

you could try a google or search


The google search turns it into AC...not AX
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another driver search engine

:rolleyes: how about a new soundcard?:D

When you removed the driver, then removed the card and reinstalled it and rebooted...didn't the Found New Hardware Wizard open? Maybe the 98 disk has a generic driver.

you might also look on the Emachine recovery disk if you got one. Do a search for drivers and perhaps it has a 98se version too.
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