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Soundblaster Live 5.1 and vista? ***?

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I am trying to install a Soundblaster Live 5.1 and apparently vista hates it. I use the CD, it doesn't allow it to autorun, i try to use Vistas installation and it doesn't find drivers on the CD.

What should I do?
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Compatability mode?
I'm lost. hah.
I'm a total vista NOOB.

I search that site and i can't find any drivers labeled vista.
Yeah, there are only drivers for XP, or earlier OS's.

Here's a guide that will run you through the steps for using compatibility mode.

Basically, you right-click on the driver file and choose properties>>Compatibility tab and choose 'Run this program under compatibility mode for Windows XP'.

Hope that works.

For what its worth, I had the exact same problem, only in XP. Creative hasn't released drivers that will work on every machine. I downloaded drivers from Creative, driverguide, and every other resource on the net. And never did find anything that would work. The drivers built in to XP will make the soundcard function, but with none of the features that make that card so cool. In researching the matter, I found a whole slew of people with the exact problem in XP. I can only assume that the problem carried over to Vista. I can't tell you why the drivers work on some machines but not on others. I've got 5 different SB Live cards here, all different versions, and the problem remains the same. If you cant find a solution to the problem, use the workaround. Uninstall all the audio software that you loaded from Creative, shut down, remove sound card, boot back up to make sure it's not gonna be looking for drivers. Shut down, put the soundcard back in (different slot if you've got a spare), boot back up and see if you can get it to load the drivers from the OS. Go into device manager and see if the card is listed as being installed. That's what I had to do with XP. That, and some free software from the net gave me the functionality I needed.
Good Luck,
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