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Sound Problems With Realtek

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HI i received a custom machine from my uncle, after doing a fresh install of windows on the machine i managed to install all the drivers except the Audio Driver.

When i look in the Device manager It has a big yellow question mark. So i tried to install Realtek ac97 driver but it keeps crashing on install, after which the yellow question mark changes to a yellow exclamation point inside a black bubble.

Ive installed and uninstalled it several times, ive even tried another driver i thought went with the motherboard since the audio is on board. The driver (SIS7012) failed to install and gives me and error -536870397

Please help, ive about hung myself several time :upset:
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Hi blacksheep_44, welcome to TSF..

Have you tried using drivers from Windows Update?

Also, do you know the make/model of the motherboard please?
Yes I tried windows update before and it said that windows could not find the drivers. After i attempted to install the realtek drivers, when i run windows update it just trys to re-install realtek.

Im unsure about the motherboard, when i run dxdiag it says the system manufacture is AV32G and the system model is AV32GV11C

Other then that, there is a chip on the board that says SIS-965l
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