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sound not working......

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i just reformated my harddrive and now im not getting any sound whatsoever. i have on board audio enabled because without it my soundcard isnt being detected. i have the drivers installed and everything but there is still no sound.

any suggestions would be greatly appriciated :)
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do you have onboard or a soundcard,have you run the m/b setup disk after reformatting
i have a soundcard but it doesnt seem to be being detected so im using the onboard one. i have ran the motherboard setup disk and installed all the drivers but its still not working.
can you see the s/c in the device manager,click on view at the top and select show hidden devices
and see if there is any yellow alongside any of the entries
nope, the sound card came with my ct 9cjs mobo if that helps
if it came with the m/b it is an onboard chip,a soundcard is installed into a pci slot,i cannot d/l your manual because chaintech is down
if you only have one place to plug your speakers into at the top rear of the comp you only have onboard
if you have a s/c you will have a place lower down to also plug your speakers into
i know this, a seperate soundcard came with my motherboard
if you cannot see it in the device manager,it may have worked loose,reseat it and check the device manager again,try it in a different pci slot
im tired of this soundcard, ive had problems with it before so can you just tell me how to get my onboard sound working until i get a new soundcard?
if you have enabled it in the bios and installed the drivers from the m/b cd,it should be working
have a look in the control panel for the onboard icon and click on it and check nothing is muted
everything seems fine, im so frustrated :|
If you're now using onboard, did you disable the soundcard and uninstall its drivers?
if the sound is not muted,then let's go the other way
disable the onboard,uninstall the pci card from the device manager
reseat the card in another pci slot and reinstall it's drivers
i figured out the problem; i had removed two jumpers in the past to allow the cbox3 to take audio intput. when i reformated my comp, i removed the cbox3 and didnt put the jumpers back. thanks for your help
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