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sound not working

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I plugged headphones into my sister's dell inspiron 6000 running xp and after that the sound doesn't work. I don't have a clue how to figure out why, how to fix this or prevent it in the future. It worked fine before and nothing changed (that I know of) other than listening in the dead of night with headphones on.

Please help!

Thank you
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hi, have you tried using the speaker to listen to audio and check if it is work. also try using the head phone on another computer to see if it is functioning. try also going to start then control panel, then sound and speech devices and check click the sound icon. make sure that the volume is not muted. then click the audio tab and make sure that there is a device selected.
go to start then run and type rstrui.exe then go to restore pc to an earlier time when the pc was working.
system restore can also be accessed, from start, all programs, accessories, system tools.

if it still doesn't work then you will need to download the klite sound codec pack from here

try them first then we will go to device or driver issue i don't wanna confuse you.
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"run" says it can't find the code you suggested.

The headphones work fine - both in this computer and other devices. It's just that the computer doesn't want to send sound through its own speakers... Weird.
hi, instead of run did you try going to start all programs, accessories and then system tools then system restore. when you open system retore, chooe the option to restore your pc to an earlier date when it was working.

did you also try downloading the klite pack. now i want you to go to start then right click on my computer, choose properties, then go to the hardware tab and then click deice manager. look for any red icons or yellow once. could you make a print screen of your device manager and your sound settings plez. are you sure it is not muted by the way.
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