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Sound is messed up in browsers and Windows Media Player

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I purchased a new pc over the weekend. I installed a program called "flvplayer4free" from After it installed, sounds played in my browser are muted and distorted. When it installed, it installed something called vmntemplatex.dll, which I think is the culprit. However, I'm not an expert, so I'm not sure.

So far I have:

1. Uninstalled the program from Programs and Features
2. Ran Hijackthis and removed the Somoto HBO which installed with the program
3. Reinstalled the sound drivers
4. Ran Malwarebytes
5. CCleaner (registry fix)
6. Reset IE defaults
7. Uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox

Any thoughts on what I can do?

I forgot to mention, I removed and reinstalled Java and Flash player also
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Hi and welcome to TSF can you run system restore to before you installed the program,and avoid using reg cleaners they can cause more issues than they ever solve
I had a similar situation once before and turns out my audio output had a short. I had the computer for two years and never had audio. Sorry. Hope its not the same situation. :(
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