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ok, so I really have no idea what happened, I'm a fairly tech savvy guy, and would know if I was doing something I shouldnt... but here we go:

Basically, I get home one day and find that none of my MP3's will play.
I get the following error: "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file"

On further investigation, I also found that I have other issues now, such as:
a) I cant hear anyone when I try to talk to them on Skype
b) They were able to hear me but after I rebooted I think the mic doesnt work anymore
c) I can't run a game like Team fortress 2 (I think cause sound doesnt work and it crashes it)
d) When I try to use my scanner it tells me it's already in use, which it isnt, and yes I tried restarting scanner, computer, etc

I have no idea what happened, it kind of seems like some drivers stopped working, but as far as I can tell, they're all there.

if anyone can give me any suggestions to resolve the issues, that'd be great.

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