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Sound card not showing itself

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OS: WinXP Pro SP2
2.40 ghz Intel P4
1GB Ram
200 gb HD
CD-Recordable ROM drive, DVD-Recordable ROM drive, Floppy
SyncMaster 17 inch flat monitor

Bios V.1010

I have one main issue. I've added a new hard drive to my computer and have installed WinXP OS on the drive. Everything was looking bright as rain when I couldn't see my sound card. It essentially says that it isn't there. But on my previous install (HD failed) it was alive and kicking.

Is there software that I can rely on for a computer checkup to tell me if anything else is potentially wrong with my computer and how can I get my sound card back? I'm dying without any tunes right now.

Can you show me the way to OZ?
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You may have to reinstall your mobo drivers for the sound. If you have the disk that came with the computer [not the windows cd] you should be able to reinstall the drivers from that. If you don't have the disk, you can probably get them at their web-site.
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