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Well i got some sound card issues here they go:
1. I have windows 7 currently and i upgraded from windows xp . windows 7 is great i didn't had to get my Intel driver CD to install all the drivers. Windows 7 had its own driver witch worked perfectly.And last week i bought electric guitar and i used my computer as amplifier. and i tried to plug it in to the Line in input and Windows 7 says "Currently unavailable" so i grabbed my intel cd and installed the sound card driver. and line in worked. Line in is more comfortable for me and better. but the output quality was trashy the sound was i restored the prebuild winodws 7 driver. so my question is. can i get Line In working with windows 7?

2.I enjoy playing my electric guitar through my computer and talking with my friends in Skype. And i cant do that. once i turn on my Amp software on the computer . it wont let another software record myself or play any music out of the computer.i cant put on music and play to it with my guitar. it says "Device is already in use".
so i was wondering. Is there away to be able to play on guitar and listen music or to play on guitar and talk with my friends using a microphone . (guitar plugged to linein and microphone to that pink port).

3. Can i play my guitar and the voice software will be picking up the sound from the computer amp?

my specification.
Sound card: SigmaTel STAC9227X @ Intel 82801GB ICH7 - High Definition Audio Controller [A-1] PCI
Electric guitar: Cort Zenox Z42.
Computer amp:TH1, Amplitube 2,Guitar Rig 4(I use all of them)
Recording driver: i use Asio4all
Operating system: Windows 7 64bit 6.1.7600
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