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i have a odd problem that recently started. i have uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers but for some reason while surfing the net or while programs are using the internet at times when pages are loading the Audio starts cutting up, becoming blocked sounding or just messing up.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled K-lite to the most recent version.

any idea on what the problem is?
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Hi I have moved you to sound for help with this
Hey warlordfmike. Will you please post your specs? I'm most interested in You sound card, RAM and power supply unit.
Which browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser?
im using firefox4 rc. iv posted my dxdiag, also my specs are to the left :grin:


Have you tried a different browser? FF4 is still in beta.
Is this the same system you have had a infection on
ya. i uninstalled and reinstalled the Wifi card. and im still using Firefox. dont seem to be doing it now. maybe the Wifi drivers were messed up some how. no clue how. but i also uninstalled my GPU,Sound and Wifi and reinstalled them just to be safe.

sorry to make so many threads all over the place. if you wont roll this one in with the windows/system tool.
Hi please get in touch with security once you know your infection free we can look at the other issues that may be left
does it to when im playing Battlefield 2. but it dont matter. i dont know what it is. it dont seem to do it now since Firefox 4 came out. so i dont know. might have been something that the virus damaged but now has been corrected.

Im planning to get a usb drive and restore to the pc back to when i first got it. i dislike having to leave a thread hanging like this. as theres no fix or correct in on a problem. but sometimes i guess we cant find out ;)
After your "infection", have you updated/reinstalled ALL of the drivers?

Start with the system drivers, then video, then audio and other hardware.
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